A Garden Office

The need for a home office was revolutionised due to the pandemic and although normality is resuming, the need for hybrid home working is still high. With more people working from home than ever before and hybrid roles becoming a huge factor of people’s day-to-day lives, having a safe and comfortable area to work from is important.  A garden office is the perfect solution if you have available outdoor space. It can give you a quiet and functional space, away from the distractions of home or family life.

With so much more time being spent at home, it can be tricky to separate home and work life so having a space specially designed for work is the perfect solution. By using an office outside of your home, it is much easier to maintain a work-life balance. This way you can ensure that when the working day comes to an end you can step into your home, leaving the worries of work at your doorstep.

When looking for the perfect at garden office space there are several factors you should consider before purchasing.

Size Matters…

Before contemplating the addition of a garden office, it is best to examine the space you already have – how big is your existing garden? What size garden office would be best for your space? What is the best location?

Possibility Of Use…

Creating a garden office can be completely tailored to you, meaning you are able to design your building to your needs. Do you want it to be a multi-functional space?   An office in the week then a fitness studio in your spare time, the potential is limitless. Flexibility is key to making the space work for your needs a customisable space is crucial to a happy and calm space.


The design of garden offices can vary so much from ultra modern to very traditional. Do you want the design to be in keeping or make a statement. We offer both traditional and modern designs. Our traditional range have cedar shingle roofs and our Oxford Range has the contemporary design.





A Garden Office needs to be built with year round comfort in mind so optional extras are a must. Insulation, double glazing and electrics are all options that need to be top of your list to ensure you have a space you can use whatever the weather.

The Benefis…

Cut The CommuteWhen you have your office in your garden your commute time is taken away. Commuting to work takes an average of 1.15 hours each way -that is a lot of time spent travelling that can be better spent. Having an office at the end of your garden allows you to choose whether to arrive at work early or have a more relaxed start to your morning.

Added Value….Depending on where you are, the quality of the garden building and the nature of your garden office you could add significant resale value to your property. Not only is a garden office less expensive than a typical extension of your home but it is far less invasive work to undertake.

Health & Well Being…Research has shown that having a separate workspace from your home greatly improves your wellbeing and lifestyle, not to mention the positive impact nature has on your mental health.


If you have finally had enough of working from the kitchen table then a gorgeous garden office summer house is sure to get you excited to get you up for work in the morning! Start planning today, call 0800 3317742.