Wraysbury 10 Summerhouse


If you are looking for a traditional, handcrafted, quality summerhouse to enhance and compliment your garden, you will love our Wraysbury 10 Summerhouse.

A summerhouse is a great way of adding luxury and comfort to your home and garden. Our Wraysbury Summerhouse is one of our most popular summerhouse styles that adds a timeless feature to any garden. Our ten sided summer house can fit into many positions in your garden. From awkward corners to prime position. It can provide you with comfortable extra space to use as you wish.



A Summerhouse can be used for many different purposes; a garden office, an extended living space, a hobby room, a gym, or just simply a space to relax and enjoy your garden from. Add a sofa and coffee table to create a space to enjoy with friends and family, or you could even have your Wraysbury as a outdoor dining room – the options are endless!

If you would find it hard to pick just one use, our Wraysbury 10 summerhouse is spacious enough to have dual purpose use. In one half of the room, you could have your comfy relaxation area, while on the other side, you can install a desk for work or hobby purposes.


Year-Round Use

No matter what you want to use your building for, the chances are you will want to use it in every season. You will not have to worry about the unpredictable British weather to enjoy your Wraysbury as comes fully lined with the option of insulation, electrics and double glazing to ensure comfort throughout the year.


The fun part of choosing any building is deciding what design options you would like to make it your own. It can be as simple as choosing your favourite colour combination to decorate, or as big as deciding whether to opt for full height glazing.


For further information on our range of garden buildings, please call us on 0800 3317742.