The Perfect Pool House

The best way to make the most of your outdoor pool is by adding a perfectly designed luxury pool house.  

A well-designed pool house makes summer entertaining and year-round hosting way more exciting and stylish than it already is.

By adding a pool house, you can extend and enhance the use of your pool. There’s just something about the added privacy, access to natural light, and cannonball proximity that, when combined with great design, is simply majestic.

It should feel light, airy and spacious; to reflect the ambience of poolside leisure.  To achieve this feeling This Henley Summerhouse has full height glazing to the doors and faces the afternoon and evening sun. This allows maximum light in and a view of the rest of the garden and pool.




Because a summerhouse house is a big investment it is critical that the initial planning and design is done correctly. Designing a summerhouse house which incorporated a pump room and a separate area for relaxing, entertaining, dining and drinking was key to the brief of this client. They opted for two bespoke Richmond Summerhouses which look stunning sitting proudly wither side of the bespoke pergola.



Swimming pools come with endless accessories, chemicals and clutter so having two  summerhouses was the perfect solution. One houses the equipment, pool toys, floats and chemicals while the other offers a poolside living space.

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