Garden Office – Working From Home

2020 has been the year that has seen more people working from home than ever before due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in many people taking over their living rooms and spare bedrooms with desks and computer monitors.

Homeworking looks likely to be here to stay for a while longer at least and some anticipate that they will never return to the office. However, many have struggled to find a satisfactory spot in their home where they can get on with their work undisturbed.

A garden office in the shape of a summerhouse offers the perfect alternative to work from home because they provide a beautiful workspace which is separate from the main house and all it’s distractions. Likewise an outdoor office will allow you to switch off from the working day when its over as it is a space outside of the home that you can lock up and walk away from. This will give you the separation needed to achieve the perfect work-life balance.



There are many benefits to having a garden office at home, and just a few of them are below.

You Can Design It However You Like!

A great thing about a garden office is that you can design it to meet your working needs, so you’re not just making do with the inadequate space you have available indoors. As garden buildings or summerhouses are made to order, your new workspace will be a bespoke garden office that is designed exactly to your tastes. You can choose what you need to make your new office space work for you. From the layout and design features to the decoration and furniture.


Work-Life Balance

Working from home can definitely help improve your work-life balance when compared to having a job that requires a very long and stressful commute and long hours away from your family. But having a garden office can make your work-life balance even better because you’ll be able to have a professional level workspace to call your own, and it will be surrounded by fragrant flowers, trees, birds, and wildlife, depending upon where you live, that you can enjoy as you work. Being able to look out the window at all of these beautiful, natural things will definitely make you feel as though you aren’t really working.

Reduce Stress

Stress can have a massive effect on performance. Being triggered for numerous reasons, it is paramount that your working environment is comfortable and allows you to carry out your work to the best of your ability. Sometimes an office environment where there are lots of work and deadlines to complete with lots of people around can trigger stress. Having a garden room promotes a work mindset far more than using a room inside the main house because, even in some small way, you are still leaving the house and going to a different environment to start your working day. You get the best of both worlds, by travelling home from work each day in literally seconds.


If you would like to enquire about having one of our garden buildings installed as an outdoor office, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For help, advice or further information on our range, please call us on 0800 3317742.