Canvas Blinds For Your Gazebo

Our canvas blinds are the perfect addition for your gazebo, allowing you to enjoy your Sunbury throughout the year in all weather conditions. They can transform your gazebo into an outdoor space that is unaffected by wind and rain. The marine canvas panels provide you with an extended living space, and or additional storage which will protect your assets from weather damage.



With 3 window panels they allow you to enjoy views of your garden whilst staying warm, cosy and protected from the elements. The roll up panels also can be removed easily. They are a perfect all year round solution suitable come rain or shine.



“My Sunbury gazebo was erected in a quiet corner of my garden towards the end of June. It has surpassed my expectations in so many ways , not least in the amount of time I want to spend in it! 

When I realised that I could stretch that time into the autumn and spring – and maybe even some milder days in the winter – if I purchased some protective blinds, I made the decision immediately. They have just been installed and I am delighted. They are of high quality waterproof sail material, well made and finished and they fit perfectly, blending well with the elegant style of the gazebo. The three half windows ensure there is plenty of light inside and I can choose how many of each of the five individual blinds to have down at any one time, as they each zip snugly with each other. I am looking forward to enjoying the extra time in my lovely hideaway that these stylish blinds will now give me, whatever the season and whatever the weather.”