Summerhouse Home Gym

With more and more people working longer hours and with the compute to and from work taking even longer, our time for leisure activities is rapidly decreasing. Even when you get home from a hard days work the last thing you want to do is get back in the car to go to a gym. A simple solution for those of you wanting to get fit but struggling to find the time to go to the gym is a home gym. Bring the gym to you instead. Why not consider using a summerhouse at the bottom of your garden to workout in, a home gym summerhouse. We have sold many summerhouses now for the sole use of being a gym. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Your own personal gym, only a few steps outside your door is convenient. You can stock the gym items you will need and use. It is an excellent choice for those who work from home or those who don’t have much spare time as there are no closing times.

Whether you are looking for a yoga room, a gym or simply a room to do aerobic workouts. A summerhouse can offer the perfect retreat that is literally on your doorstep. Not only will you save time, you can work out to the music of your choice. You will never having to wait for a piece of equipment to become available again. Most people who take a plunge and build their own garden gym find that they work out more often. They feel far less pressured than if they were working out in a busy gym environment .When you think of how much gym membership costs each month you’ll more than likely end up financially better off in the long run.

Well Being

Having a gym in the garden obviously has many advantages. It’s a great hobby or habit to get into for yourself and family. In this fast paced modern life that we have built for ourselves an antidote is essential for health and well being. Exercise is not only essential for our physical health but also for our mental health. Time out from work and a busy home life.  Working out releases endorphins that make us feel good about ourselves and happy

If you are considering building a gym in your garden do spend time thinking about what equipment you will need. You need to balance how much you need with how much of your garden you can comfortably allocate to a summerhouse. For activities such as yoga or Pilates you need very little space. A small summerhouse like The Richmond will sufficiently give you all the room you require out of a garden home gym.

A popular choice is our Abingdon Summerhouse. With its modern lines and full glazing, it is ideally suited to a  home gym in the garden. The Abingdon below was installed in Surrey.