A Summerhouse Base

To ensure your summerhouse lasts as long as it is intended a fundamental requirement is the base it sits on. When we’re advising our customers before they purchase a summerhouse, one of the key things we discuss with them is the base. How important it is to have a flat, level base for us to install their summerhouse on top of.

You may think that this isn’t a crucial part of your installation, but if a summerhouse is laid onto paving that is uneven it can cause lots of problems long term. The door and window frames can drop out of alignment, causing you problems with opening or closing them and undue stress can be put on other parts of the structure. This can lead to cracking or breaking.

Even one of our smaller summerhouses like The Windsor is very heavy. So with uneven flagstones or soft ground, over time, the building will “settle” into its foundation.  This can lead to premature deterioration of a building that would otherwise have a lifetime of around 40 years.

A concrete base provides a consistently even and solid surface, which will keep even the largest and heaviest summerhouses like The Abingdon Summerhouse, stable and correctly aligned.


When deciding where you want your summerhouse (and where you should place the base), you need to be mindful of the following:

  • We advise our customers not to position their base too close to existing fences or buildings. Although our summerhouses can be very low maintenance, you will need to repaint your summerhouse meaning you will need access around the summerhouse for routine maintenance and upkeep.
  • Ensure overhanging trees or bushes are cut away and that you regularly maintain them to prevent damage from branches scratching and damaging the building, creepers forcing their way through joins, or potentially even falling limbs.
  • If you intend to use your chosen summerhouse for leisure, rather than more practical reasons, consider what view you want when you’re in it and the path the sun takes across your garden to make the best of the available sunlight when you use it.
  • Consider accessibility – if you intend to use your summerhouse for storage, how far will you need to go if you are carrying heavy objects or if you aren’t having electricity fitted how far the summerhouse is from power.



For further information or advice on bases, please call us on 0800 3317742.