You Deserve The Best Garden Building


Our Chelsea Summerhouse & Gazebo Collection is nothing short of luxurious. From the exquisite design to the high specification finishing touches, your Cheslea Garden Building will look stunning from the day it is installed and for many years after. It’s that high level of luxury which we truly pride ourselves on. 



Our unrivalled traditional summerhouse design dates back to the early 1900s.  These designs have stood the test of time and are the ‘original summerhouse’ that many other companies have tried to imitate. Time honoured traditions are still cherished but combined with 21st century technology. We make the most luxuriant yet traditional range of summerhouses with distinct features including high cedar shingled roofs with elegantly cambered eaves. Original hand leaded lights made from individual panes of glass combined with the options of double glazing and insulation.



Original Design

There are many alternative copycat summerhouses but nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you have the true original. The satisfaction of knowing time-honoured traditional carpentry has built yours from scratch. You will own a garden building of distinction that will last around 40 years.

Our summerhouses and gazebos certainly aren’t the most expensive luxury buildings on the market, but we truly believe they are the best quality. If you are considering the option of adding a Cheslea Summerhouse to adorn your garden, we are here to help. We love nothing more than from helping customers find their perfect garden building. From discussing the best size and location to our different finance options can offer advice and guidance. You deserve the finest, and we are here to make sure that’s what you get. Call us on 0800 3317742 or visit Garden Affairs, our showsite in Wiltshire.