Working From Home…

If you’re thinking of working from home, then a summerhouse garden office tucked away in your garden could be just the solution you’re looking for. Would you love to take the opportunity to quit the commute but you don’t have the space indoors to accommodate working from home? Why not move your working space into your outside space and build your very own luxury garden office? Any of the Cheslea Summerhouse range you see on our website are suitable as offices. It just comes down to which style you prefer and the size you need. The Oxford Range of Summerhouses for example offers an alternative to the traditional summerhouse in look and style. Striking in form and following contemporary, minimalist approach to rooms outside. With the option of floor to ceiling glazing, this is a thoroughly innovative garden office offering a light and airy contemporary space to work.



Garden office

Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular as more professionals than ever are choosing to work from home. They are cutting down on commute costs and business overheads by working from garden offices instead. Why juggle your home and business lives, when a garden office could allow you to dedicate valuable time to both?  By having a space that is dedicated solely to work, away from the distractions a home life can bring, enables you to have real flexibility about your hours allowing you to meet (or juggle!) any home commitments. Planning your own time can be such an advantage. There is no reason to not treat your home and work life like they are completely separate. Even if there is only a mere few yards keeping you apart. Our spacious range of cedar summer houses means that you can choose the garden office to suit you. Whether you work on your own or you need an office suitable for entertaining visiting clients.

Advantages To Working From Home

  • A saving in travel costs. This can be a massive saving especially to those making long treks into cities. But this can be not only a saving of costs but also a reduction of stress, a saving of time (allowing more time to actually work).
  • Fresh air & daylight instead of recycled air and fluorescent lighting
  • Less of an environmental impact – eco-friendly as your carbon footprint is reduced.
  • Design your workplace to suit your own style.
  • Reduction of stress not only applies to not having to travel but also that you can control your own working day much more easily from home.
  • No noise or distractions from working in an office atmosphere (particularly the open plan office) means better concentration and therefore more achievement!
  • Working from home can mean that those with disabilities or with mobility problems are now accessible to the employment market. 

Disadvantages To Working From Home

  • The main complaint is the feeling of isolation as there are no work colleagues.
  • You can miss out on office based learning opportunities.
  • If the technology fails there is no fantastic person to come along and fix it immediately!
  • The bouncing of ideas is limited.
  • Working from home may require self discipline as it would be possible to drift and lose focus from time to time.

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