Pool Houses

Over the years, we have had quite a few requests from customers for summerhouses that they can use as pool houses.  Ideally positioned right next to their outdoor swimming pool to create the perfect area for outdoor living.

Pool houses are used for a number of reasons by our customers. Mainly as changing rooms or a space to relax in pool side.  Other uses are house the pumps and generator for their pool or the perfect combination of all the above.

Changing Room

Need a changing room for your outdoor swimming pool? Why not install a stunning summerhouse to use changing room to the side of the pool, we’ve installed a few in our time. No more running in and out the house, dripping wet! You can also use it to accommodate pool equipment and furniture.




Generator Room

Pool houses are also attractive ways of harboring pool and spa equipment. Which lets be honest is often unsightly. Most pool houses include some enclosed space for tossing wet pool toys and all sorts of maintenance supplies. A summerhouse can be the perfect place to house pumps, filters, and other essential pool equipment. It doesn’t need to be a big or complicated summerhouse. Tt just needs to be big enough to keep the pumps and generator safe that are needed to keep the pool running. With smaller structures, a simple storage closet off to the side or back of the pool house might do the trick.    

Relaxation Room

We’ve seen many glamorous looking relaxation/entertainment rooms installed next to outdoor swimming pools. The examples below  all overlook the pools, and suit the surrounding gardens very nicely. All different shapes and sizes, The Wraysbury 8 Summerhouse (bottom right), The Oxford With Veranda (top right, bottom left) and The Henley Summerhouse (left) but all fitting in perfectly.

Our Summerhouse are also suited for year-round use, with the option of full insulation, wall lining, double glazing and electrics, so even if the pool isn’t in use, you can still enjoy your garden from the comfort of your own garden retreat.