Living The Summerhouse Dream

A summerhouse can totally transform you garden.  Most noted for being a relaxing retreat where you can simply sit and enjoy the many changing seasons. And your garden’s wildlife. A summerhouse is also a centrepiece for the garden to escape to with a cup of tea and a cake to enjoy a fresh perspective on your home.  Celebrating the age-old love affair between us and the great outdoors, a Summerhouse offers a garden gateway to your very own special place.


A Stylish Addition….

A summerhouse can add that wow factor to your property, in particular to your outdoor space. You could host some incredible parties or family gatherings or simply relax in the evening with a glass of wine. The style of your garden will help dictate the ideal design. Sleek contemporary styles like The Oxford would look perfectly at home in an urban garden or alongside a modern house. More traditional looks might work better in a more cottage-style garden or in a neighbourhood of older houses. Either way, there’s always scope to customise designs and create something just right for you and your garden.


Enhance Your Lifestyle…

A summerhouse can be used to enhance your lifestyle and workstyle. A garden summer house can be used as your very own special space. It can be transformed into a studio for writing, painting or other crafting activities. Or can simply become a space for you to relax in and enjoy your leisure time. Working at home is never fun but if you can work outside when you have extra work to do, you might be able to muster up a little more motivation. The great thing about using a summerhouse as an office is that the windows can let in plenty of natural light, meaning that you’ll be in good working conditions. You can also add a nice desk and comfortable furniture and soon you’ll have the outdoor office that you have always dreamed of.



We love how these spacious summerhouses surrounded by trees, giving it a truly secluded, middle-of-the-countryside feel. The use of paths, steps and archways to link to your building make the experience of walking to the summerhouse even more appealing.



The position of your summer house is really important. Practical and stylish, our summer houses are an ideal place to sit and enjoy the weather and surrounding landscape of your garden. Our versatile designs can be positioned anywhere on your property. Our expert team can happily assist with any planning applications you may need if positioning your summerhouse close to a boundary. Generally at the far end of the garden is a good place. In the middle will make your garden seem smaller than it is and break up the lawn space you have. Plus, if you’re looking to create a beautiful retreat, the further you are away from everyday life, the better. 

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