Perfect Time To Order Your Perfect Summerhouse

There’s something about summerhouses that instantly lowers the blood pressure. The perfect summerhouse can provide a tranquil haven in your own garden – a peaceful place to eat, read, work or just relax. As a summerhouse can require significant investment, careful planning is vital to ensure you get the perfect summerhouse for your garden at the right time. As soon as summer begins, there is nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Therefore, when it comes to your outdoor living space, it is a great idea to have everything in place before the warm summer nights begin.

Manufacture at our factory gets busier throughout the spring and towards summer, so lead times can increase dramatically. Don’t be disappointed by having to wait, it’s time to order your cedar Chelsea summerhouse now and start to enjoy using it whilst your garden begins to bloom through Spring and into the early summer. Let the plants and flowers blossom around your summerhouse so it looks like it’s always been part of your garden.    

Summer houses are a great way to enhance your garden as well as providing an extra room – functioning as an extension of your home. They can really bring a garden together, acting as a design feature or centrepiece as well as a practical building to make the most of your outdoor space.


Location, Location, Location

Once you have decided what type of summer house you would like, it is important to think about where you want to place it. 

If you’re seeking a suntrap, have a look at your garden on a sunny day to determine which areas get the most sunshine. In general, south-facing buildings will receive more hours of sunshine but be aware of any garden features (such as trees, fences, bushes or play-areas) which may cause shade.

If you’re using your summer house as an office, gym or workshop, it may be better to not have direct sunlight, as this could cause glare while working or result in technology being exposed to excess heat. 

Another factor to consider is the view. If you’re thinking about a summer house with many windows, it would be better to be facing a more attractive area of your garden, if possible. Your favourite rose bush or well-landscaped water feature would certainly be a more appealing view than your neighbour’s fence. Octagonal or corner summer houses are perfect to provide panoramic views if you have a garden you’re particularly proud of.  If you’d prefer a square or rectangular building, you can look out for designs which feature multiple windows.

For more design inspiration or to order a summerhouse, please call 08003317742.