Octagonal Summerhouses

Octagons have been an important shape in architecture and design since the time of the Greeks and Romans. Because forming materials into eight straight sides was easier than constructing a circle, the octagon was often the preferred shape for towers and domes. Today, modern architecture has made building the perfect circle much easier, but the octagon can still provide a distinct shape that’s pleasing to the eye and a great alternative to the common circle.


Shape Matters

The octagonal shape is one of our most popular summerhouse styles that adds a timeless feature to any garden. Our eight sided octagonal Wraysbury Summerhouse can fit into many positions in your garden – from awkward corners to prime position.

A garden summer house can be your very own sanctuary. You can transform it into practically anything you want, a studio for writing, a music room, a relaxing space for reading, a place for painting or craft and so much more. You can personalize your space in whatever style suits you. Best of all, if the hustle and bustle in the house gets too much, you can head out to the garden and shut yourself away in your sanctuary. 


English Country Garden



We all seek solitude occasionally, to read, write or perhaps just to reflect, whatever the reason an octagonal summerhouse tucked away in a private corner of the garden offers an “escape”.

All our Octagonal Summerhouses are handmade from Western Red Cedar.  Cedar is one of the most long lasting, durable timbers.  All summerhouses are built to exacting standards from the finest materials and are expertly finished with a long lasting cedar shingle roof.  Traditional real leaded glass is offered on all our summerhouses, double glazing upgrades are also available. Our luxury summerhouses can be insulated. All are available in Natural Cedar or painted in any of our beautiful colour palette to suit your garden setting. 

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