Insulated Summerhouses

Many people purchase a summerhouse and love spending time in it during the warm months, but once autumn arrives, barely step foot in it again until the next year. We believe that summerhouses  should not be restricted to use only during a few months of the year. By add insulation to your summerhouse it be enjoyed the whole year round, whatever the weather.

Our range of summerhouses have the option to be fully insulated and lined. Insulation works in two different ways.It keeps heat out during hot summers and keeps it in during the winter.Helping to create a more consistent temperature throughout the year. It can also help to reduce noise transmission.


Do Summerhouses need insulation?

There’s no legal requirement for you to insulate your summerhouse, but it’s a practical and cost-efficient thing to do. Whether you’re planning to use your new living space as a home office, art studio, home gym, or just somewhere to escape from the daily demands of family life, it’s important to make sure it’s suitable for use in every season.


When we insulate the roofs of our summerhouses, we use a breathable paper membrane. This is sandwiched between the shingles and foil backed insulation board. This traps moisture to reduce any impact on the interior. We then line the roof with oak faced plywood. When insulating a  summerhouse, we use 25mm insulation boards, which are manufactured by Celotex. One of the best-known brands in the insulation business. These boards are made from polyisocyanurate (PIR). PIR insulation boards are extremely thermally efficient, and are also durable, moisture-resistant and fire-resistant. This ensures it’s a comfortable outdoor space, whatever the temperature outside.


Floor & Walls

Our insulation is not limited to just the roof space, but is extended throughout the building, including walls and floor.  We fit these foil-lined insulation boards in the wall cavity and between the floor bearers underneath flooring. They won’t be visible or take up too much space. When you switch your heating on, the thermal insulation boards will help to keep that warmth within the building. You won’t be wasting heat – or spending your hard-earned cash on energy unnecessarily. The foil lining, on the other hand, will reflect the heat of the sun to prevent your summerhouse getting too hot at the height of summer.

Once insulation has been fitted, your summerhouse will retain more warmth in the winter months, keeping it cosy inside even when it’s chilly outdoors. That means that, despite the extremes of the British weather, you won’t need to use heaters or fans so often, helping you to keep your electricity bills low. Double glazing is an additional option with our summerhouses that can further reduce the amount of heat lost from the interior.

Insulation can only be installed at the time of construction and we are unable to retrospectively insulate a summerhouse once it has been built.

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