Summerhouses For The Autumn & Winter

As Autumn approaches and the weather gets chillier, why not consider adding a summerhouse to your garden. A Chelsea summerhouse allows you to enjoy time spent in the garden no matter the weather. The term ‘summerhouse’ can be misleading as it does give the impression you can only enjoy it during the warm days and long lazy evenings of summer. But at Chelsea Summerhouses, we believe that summerhouses should not be restricted to and should be enjoyed the whole year round, whatever the weather.

Many of our customers have even told us that they prefer using their summerhouse in the autumn and winter. Snuggling up on an armchair in their summerhouse with some blankets, a good book and a steaming mug of hot chocolate to relax. How therapeautic to be sat in the warmth of your summer house and hear the rain splattering or drizzling onto the roof.

summerhouse enhances any garden setting and offers the perfect hideaway. Perfect for entertaining, reading the morning paper or just enjoying sitting in your garden all year round.



Fully Insulated

Many people purchase a summerhouse and love spending time in it during the warm spring and summer months. But, once autumn arrives, barely step foot in it again until the next year. By adding insulation, double glazing and electrics you can create a room for all year round use. Insulation creates a year-round consistent temperature in two different ways. It keeps heat out during warm weather and keeps it in during the winter. It can also help to reduce noise transmission – both from the inside out and the outside in. Our additional insulation can cover it all – roof, walls and floor. This ensures your building is a comfortable outdoor space, whatever the time of year. Double glazing is an additional option, which can do even more to curtail heat loss.

Our Range

Our traditional style luxury summerhouses are hand built by British craftsmen from the finest Western Red Cedar (known for it’s durability and resistance to the elements). All summerhouses are built to exacting standards from the finest materials and are expertly finished with a long lasting cedar shingle roof.  

Choose from the six sided Windsor Summerhouse, the ideal size for the smaller garden; the elegant, octagonal shaped Wraysbury available in either 8 or 10 sided models. The Kingston, a corner summerhouse, with diagonally placed doors for panoramic views of your garden.The squre classic, Richmond which would look good in either a town or country setting. The Abingdon an elegantly shaped oval summerhouse in 2 sizes; or the imposing rectangular Henley, offering substantial living space all year round.  Whatever your choice, a Chelsea Summerhouse will be a great investment for generations to come.

To place an order or for further information, please call 0800 3317742.