Make The Most Of This Sunshine With A Summerhouse

The first half of this summer has regularly seen the thermometer rise above 30°c, and it is set to continue to the second half too. This weekend marks the halfway point through the gardening season so there’s still time to plan any garden changes or additions like a summerhouse.

A Summerhouse not only provides the perfect place in which to sit back and relax, but also offers shade when the temperature soars just that little bit too high. Relish a relaxing afternoon reading a book, entertain family and friends to a lavish lunch or have a quiet drink on a balmy evening.  Take a look at our range of summerhouses  and see whether something similar could work in your garden and give you inspiration.


This stunning Wraysbury 8 Summerhouse looks totally at home in the beautiful english garden. Thoughtful planting has given this plot a secret garden feel and the octagonal summerhouse really adds to the secluded mood. 


‘Summerhouse’ can sound quite grand, but check out this little gem; The Richmond Small Summerhouse is less than 2 metres in diametre yet still totally practical.  A design of this size would slot into a very modest plot.

Our range encompasses different sizes and styles to suit as well as optionas of insulation, electrics or even full height glazing. The beauty of full height glazing is the fact that the windows run all the way to the ground. If you have a great view, or just lovely planting, a 360 degree design will let you enjoy the scenery from every angle.



This Henley Summerhouse is home-from-home with comfy armchairs and plants on the windowsill for a very cosy feel. Go a step further and install power to run lights (and maybe – whisper it – a TV), and you might even be tempted to spend more time in there than in the house.

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