Hobby Room In The Garden

When it comes to enriching your home, a summerhouse provides a huge number of possibilities. The extra, separate space they provide can be used for any purpose you like! If you want a dedicated space to indulge in your favourite hobby, a summerhouse can offer an ideal solution to house your hobby and keep it contained. Retreat to the garden, put the kettle on and spend many a happy hour pottering in your hobby room.

A hobby room can encompass many different things and our summerhouses can be customised to fit your exact requirements. Here are a few hobbies our customers use their summerhouse for:

Music Studo

Whether you’re a professional musician or a keen amateur, you can create a musical utopia in your garden summerhouse. It would be a great environment for practice sessions. Your summerhouse could also allow for storage of valuable and environmentally sensitive musical instruments and equipment.

Crafter’s paradise

A dedicated space for your crafting equipment, with no need to clear everything away each time you have a break. Natural light is important for all kinds of creative work, keeping the energy levels up and the eyestrain down. With glazing on 3 of its 4 sized, the airy Richmond Summerhouse is very popular for crafting.



Model Room

Many of our customers enjoy nothing more that studying, designing, making and painting their models. A summerhouse enables you to enjoy this pastime undisturbed with your own dedicated space. It could also be used to display your collection offering the place to curate your treasures.

Home Cinema

Escape into your very own fantasy land with an amazing, state-of-the-art garden cinema. For those fanatical about film and entertainment, it doesn’t get any better than this. A slice of heaven for film fanatics, your summerhouse could be the perfect space for the fully immersive experience of film.

Art Studio

Make the most of the natural light and build a truly inspiring artist studio in the heart of your garden. Whether you’re a professional artist or simply want to devote more time to your creative side, a summerhouse studio like The Oxford will give you all the space you need to paint, draw or sculpt. Be inspired by nature and let your inner creativity run wild. 


Garden Library

Bookworms all over will appreciate this idea! If you’re running out of space for your books in your home, or your other half simply says ‘no more books!’ Why not branch out into the garden? With an insulated summerhouse that has electrics and the opportunity to install a heater inside, there could be no more perfect room to indulge in a good book in. Opt for our shelving to store books on the walls, put a comfy chair inside, grab your reading glasses and you’ve got yourself a reading haven.

Gym/Yoga Studio

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or need motivation to keep moving, a home gym can save on gym membership. Evidence also suggests it’ll make you fitter – the closer your gym, the more likely you are to visit it regular. With a summerhouse gym in your garden like The Abingdon. you’ll be able to easily build exercise into your daily routine. Whether it’s yoga or weight training, or a mixture of the two, you’ll be energised by the exercise in your own garden space.

Writing Room

Are you a budding writer in need of some serious peace and quiet? What better place to write than your garden? It’s no secret that some of the most famous English literary masterpieces have been inspired by beautiful English landscapes. George Bernard Shaw for example did most of his writing in his in a hexagonal summerhouse like The Windsor. Surrounded by nature all of your favourite writing tools, the words should just flow right onto the page!



Hobby rooms are a great way to relax and help yourself unwind, especially after a long day or week at work. Given the right space to indulge in your hobby, you could become a master of your craft.  If you decide on a new hobby room from us, we’ll advise you every step of the way, from size and sumemrhouse specifications to those extra flourishes that will make it truly your own. Call us today on 0800 3317742.