Work Outside In A Garden Office

At Chelsea Summerhouses we’ve experienced a growing demand for garden offices because they provide the perfect working environment, just seconds away from your own front door. Over two million of us work from home and that figure looks set to grow as more people swap office life for home working.  Not only does it allow you to reduce your commute and your impact on the environment, but it can also improve your general work/life balance. You will have more quality time with your family, your office is always open so you can flex your time to suit you.

Adding a Summerhouse or garden building provides the perfect solution for a garden office. Our cedar clad buildings are the quintessential choice as they can match both traditional and contemporary properties. Whether you choose a traditional shingle roof or a contemporary flat roof, our luxury summerhouse range can provide the perfect solution.


Size Matters

Our advise would always be go for the largest summerhouse or office your garden will allow. Buy a slightly bigger office than you think you need – you don’t often hear people say they need less space.

This Extra Large Abingdon Summerhouse just installed in County Durham offers an abundance of space as a dual purpose office and garden room.



Painted in Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre, it blends in perfectly in its new surroundings. Complete with leaded double glazing, full insulation and electrics, it is the perfect room for all seasons.


How to Heat and Insulate Your Garden Office?

A cold and draughty garden office is not going to be an appealing place to work, so when it comes to insulation, treat it like a habitable space. The materials we use to build our summerhouse garden offices ensure that you enjoy a comfortable working environment all year round. Foiled backed insulation means it will stay cool in summer and warm in winter, making it more cost-effective to run. 

You will also want to choose double glazing as well as an electrical pack to keep a comfortable temperature year-round. Electric radiators or electric fan heaters are practical and effective form of heating.

For further information or ideas on adding your own garden office, please
call 0800 3317742.