A Summerhouse Can Add Value And Saleability

Adding a summerhouse is a versatile option for those looking to increase their floor space in their existing property. It is also a viable approach for those looking to ultimately increase the resale value of their home. It’s a common problem: your family has grown but your home hasn’t. You could solve it by extending or by upsizing, but both can be costly and disruptive. A third option is to create a room in the garden like a summerhouse.  A simple but versatile structure away from the house that takes advantage of the space in the garden. Summerhouses allow you to expand the space in your home, without intrusive or complicated extensions, while simultaneously adding value.

An article in the property section of The Telegraph states that investing in a garden room can add substantial value to your property. In the example offered, it is reported that an investment of £6,653 could add £35,611 to an average priced home in Surrey.  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/add-50000-value-home-just-seven-days/

Planning Permission

Summerhouses do not disturb the existing structure at all, but can add value as well as creating a selling point. Summerhouses aren’t classed as permanent buildings so the same planning permission rules don’t apply. Building regulation consent isn’t applicable making a summerhouse a practical solution in creating additional space.



The Possibilities Are Endless

Summerhouses can be used in a variety of ways to best enhance your current property. Our portfolio of summerhouses and garden buildings is now one of the most comprehensive available. Encompassing many shapes, sizes and options to suit all gardens and possible uses, from relaxing, dining or socialising. A popular use is as an office space as increasing numbers of people work from home. A garden office not only acts as an inspiring space merging indoor and outdoor living but also offers valuable division between the work life and the personal life.

Whether your summerhouse becomes a place for work, play or relaxation, it will provide a lifetime of pleasure and truely enhance your garden. So, if you want to create that additional space to your home without the cost of extending and at the same time add further value and quality to your lifestyle, please call us on 0800 3317742 and start planning today.