Be Heathy In Your Summerhouse

Longer days and the odd sighting of the sun suggest that spring really is on its way! It goes without saying that spring and summer are a great time to have fun in the garden – and your enjoyment of this space may well only be enhanced if you have summerhouse.

Chelsea Summerhouses aim to promote outdoor living enabling you to spend more time in your garden. It is sometimes hard to relax in your home. Weekends stop being about recharging your batteries and become more about getting the household chores done, ensuring everything is prepared for work and entertaining the children. By creating a space where you can go and truly unwind, while letting the stress of the day melts away. This allows you to focus and fully recharge your batteries meaning that you will be more productive in the tasks you need to complete. Adding a luxury summerhouse offers a retreat for peace and tranquillity throughout all seasons.      

Spending time in your garden can have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing and having your very own Chelsea Summerhouse will allow you to spend more time relaxing outdoors. The Kings Fund report on Gardens and Health, which was funded by the National Garden Scheme (NGS) states that: “The mental health benefits of gardening are broad and diverse. Studies have shown significant reductions in depression and anxiety, improved social functioning and wider effects”

Garden Office

Sitting in an office all day with the sun outside can be a notorious bore, but with a garden office, you can open the door onto the beauty of your own garden and enjoy this glorious natural space, even as you work. You might even be able to smell the scent of that rosebush from your desk!



Likewise when get holidays underway, kids will be at home more. If you have a summerhouse that acts as a playroom for younger members of the family, this could come into its own in the summer. It will give the kids a great spot to hang out, helping to stop them getting a dreaded school holiday boredom attack.

Our Summerhouses come in a range of sizes ensuring that you will find one ideal for you. Our long elegant windows allow plenty of natural light into the building, reducing the likelihood of Vitamin D deficiency which is common in the UK, along with the mood changing benefits normally associated with sunshine. These benefits are not something that you can be duplicated from artificial lighting.

Despite the names suggestion, our Summerhouses are designed to be used all year round when you add the option of insulation, double glazing and electrics. No matter what the weather, your garden could still be a spot to enjoy yourself with a room built for your own personal relaxation needs. These will vary from person to person, but in any case you’ll be able to fling open your door and enjoy the summer air if needs be, or close it and stay dry and warm if the weather takes an unseasonal turn. Great all year round, summerhouses are perhaps especially tempting when the weather’s good while staying practical and exciting even when the rest of your garden becomes less welcoming!

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