Summerhouses For All Seasons

The term “Summerhouse” can often be misleading. Summerhouse infers a building that is for use in the garden during the summer months. However, with Chelsea Summerhouses being offered with lining and insulation and the option of having electricity installed, there is absolutely no limit to the seasonal enjoyment of the Summerhouse. It is For All Seasons.

There is a growing trend towards using Summerhouses in all weathers and this makes perfect sense. On a practical level, Summerhouses are a very cheap way of extending living space. But it is so much more than that, Summerhouses are a touch of luxury. More importantly an affordable touch of luxury. A space that can be used solely for purpose, for relaxing, for dining, or socialising. Because it is a room in the garden, it tends not to attract the clutter and chaos of rooms in the house.  It can be a real escape from the pressures (and people!) that are in the house.

Picture the rain lashing down or the greyness of a very cold, damp afternoon. Take your book or hobby into your Summerhouse, turn on the heating and/or cuddle up in a blanket on your favourite chair.  Spend some time relaxing, reading, thinking…. this kind of time is precious in the fast paced world we live in.

Below is a Kingston Summerhouse installed in Liverpool in February. It is fully insulated with double glazing and electrics and provides the perfect, pretty garden retreat!