Transform Your Garden With A Chelsea Summerhouse

If you’re keen on your garden, you’ll be used to planning ahead. If you also love relaxing in your garden, don’t neglect this important aspect – plan for it too! A Chelsea Summerhouse can transform your garden.

Luxury Chelsea Summerhouses are the perfect way to maximize your garden enjoyment. From traditional-style to vibrant, contemporary garden rooms, a summerhouse extends the season of sitting outdoors, relaxing and entertaining in your garden.

Before you choose your perfect summerhouse, consider its setting and how you’ll be using it. It’s your garden and anything goes, but think about harmonising with your home and garden. Will you be mainly relaxing, dining, or partying in this summerhouse? Choose location, size, shape and design details accordingly.

The are many sizes and shapes of Summerhouses to choose from, from the smallest to the largest, corner models, octagonal and even some with rotating bases to face the sun. All constructed from Western Red Cedar known for its durability and longevity.

Your paint or stain colours will ensure your summerhouse creates the perfect impression in your garden, from stand-out design statement, light & fresh tones to quiet camouflage. Painting your garden furniture in toning shades and matching surrounding planting will create a look fit for a garden magazine.

A Chelsea summerhouse with double glazing and insulation means that you can be enjoying life outdoors throughout the seasons so what are you waiting for?  Get planning your garden retreat now and transform your garden.